About Us

We began offering canoe and kayak rental in 2001, on the Chicago River, a place we had recognized as a surprisingly wild setting amidst a bustling city, something Chicago really needed. 

In our first year, people frequently asked us where the Chicago River was.  Answer - "You know where the road seems to rise, west of Western.  Look to the side and you'll see you're on a bridge.  It goes over a river."  The city just didn't call attention to its river back then. 

Other people would ask why we put a turtle in our logo.  Answer - "There are an awful lot of turtles in the river.  We're not sure what kind because their shells are too muddy." 

If the Chicago River is increasingly recognized as a vibrant recreational corridor for the city, we think we helped make that happen. 

In the last decade, we've partnered with the Forest Preserve of Cook County to provide paddling and boating in some amazing wildlands around the region, habitat for the herons, cormorants, muskrat and otter, and more recently, most spectacularly, bald eagles. 

But we'll always have a special place in our hearts for the turtles of our original North Side home, even if they sort of need a power wash.


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