Moonlight Dinner

If you're looking for a group event, we can help pull together a dinner paddle for you.  Enjoy a lovely evening paddle with night herons hunting, beavertails slapping the water and mallards quacking their surprise at evening visitors, returning to a picnic dinner at the lovely WMS Boathouse as the sun sets and the moon rises.
While you're on the water, staff would stay on hand at the boathouse to receive a dinner delivery from Noon-o-Kabab, a Persian restaurant in Albany Park.  Ideal options are the lightly spiced chicken with grilled vegetables or the vegetarian sampler. 
We recommend 1-1.5 hours of paddling, starting 2 hours before sunset, which would mean you'd launch around 6:00/6:30 through most of the summer.   You're welcome to launch earlier in order to eat earlier.
We will charge discounted rental rates, but we need a minimum of $200 to stay open late, so we'll ask for that amount as a deposit, refundable if the weather doesn't cooperate.  We'll mail you the payment link when you reserve.
Dinner is not included.  But we'll work with you to place the order, and we'll accept the delivery for you while you're on the water.  We don't allow alcohol before or during trips. 
Because we'll be staying late, we need at least 2 weeks notice. Some dates may already be taken.
the best phone number to reach you the afternoon of the trip in case we have to talk about the weather forecast.