Cardio Kayak class - Maple

The Cardio Kayak class is a 4-week fitness class of 1-hour sessions, once a week. New classes start each month through August.

  • Beginners are welcome.
  • We'll teach you to paddle with proper technique, which will give you more stamina, but it is not a difficult or demanding class.
  • You'll get a gentle cardio workout from paddling at your own pace for an hour.
  • Note that classes at Maple Lake are shorter than at other launches because of the smaller size of the pond.  We've also reduced the fee here.

Classes paddle at the Maple Lake Boating Center at 95th and Wolf Rd.

Reserve with the form below.   When we receive your reservation, we'll send a confirmation e-mail with a link to our secure payment page.

  • You'll need to make a credit or debit payment to finalize the reservation.
    • 1st-time participants are $75 per 4-week session, one night a week
    • Returning participants are discounted to $50 / session
  • You can make up 1 date per session if you let us know beforehand that you'll have to miss.
  • In the event of a weather postponement, we'll extend an extra week. We can also work with you to find a different night that works for you.
the best phone number to reach you the afternoon of the trip in case we have to talk about the weather forecast.