Sandhill Cranes trip

Each fall, all the sandhill cranes of the upper Midwest fly south, stopping at a single preserve in Northwest Indiana for a month of socializing, courtship and eating corn that the harvesters miss.  We'll paddle a stretch of the Kankakee River in its glorious fall colors, where we may see cranes and other wildlife.  Then we'll swing by Jasper-Pulaski preserve for the sunset spectacle of as many as 15,000 sandhill cranes returning from their daytime feeding grounds.

  • Paddling starts at mid-day at English Lake, IN; crane viewing an hour before sunset when numbers peak
  • We sometimes describe the river part of the trip as an excuse for a paddling company to take people to see the cranes.  Cranes aren't river birds, so we're unlikely to see them till after the paddle.  Fortunately, it's a lovely river too.
8 miles; with crane viewing, allow a full day

$95/canoe or tandem kayak (2 people); $65/person in single kayak;

A child riding as a 3rd person in a canoe would be an additional $35, but please talk to us about this before committing.  This is a somewhat long and potentially chilly trip for many children.

the best phone number to reach you the afternoon of the trip in case we have to talk about the weather forecast.