Sunset Nature Voucher Reservation Form

Thanks for taking advantage of the Groupon Sunset Nature trip offer.

We're looking forward to getting you on the water.  We also hope you'll take a look at some of the other great options for paddling that we offer.

This trip is by reservation only.  We may not be able to accept reservations on the day before or the day of a trip, when it is too late to find an extra guide, because we must maintain a ratio of guides to boats.  So we encourage you to make reservations early.

When you're ready to reserve a date, please fill out this form instead of our main Trip Reservation form.  If you have friends without a voucher who'd like to join you, they can sign up using the main form


These trips start in 3 different locations (Busse Lake, the Lagoons and Chicago).  We won't have trips at all launches on all dates, so only pick a trip that takes place at your preferred launch.  (You may use your voucher at a different launch than the one you bought it for.  Just make sure you know which launch the trip you select is taking place at.)

To select 2 single kayaks, you need 2 vouchers. If you have 1 voucher for 2 of you, you can choose a tandem kayak or canoe.
the best phone number to reach you the afternoon of the trip in case we have to talk about the weather forecast.
(the 8-digit number, like this: 1234-5678)